When you’re looking for places to kayak, there are a number of locations across the globe with first rate rivers, guides, other attractions, and more. However, we feel that Costa Rica has more of each of these to offer kayakers than any other country in the world. In fact, it’s why we started Amazing Vacations Costa Rica.

We wanted to make sure when you come to Costa Rica to kayak, or for any other reason, that you have a vacation you will never forget. The following are some of the reasons we feel Costa Rica should be on your whitewater kayaking bucket list, ensuring you will have the most incredible vacation you’ll ever experience.

Costa Rica’s River Variety

Costa Rica is home to dozens and dozens of rivers. Whether you are coming to Costa Rica on one of our Week of River trips or on a custom vacation, you will find more rivers to paddle with more class variety than anywhere in the world. Most rivers have sections to match your skill level, ranging from Class I to Class V rapids, and many of them can be run in a single day. Some sections are rocky and technical while others are flat and rolling. One thing is for sure, all of them are incredible.


For example, if you come as part of our Week of Rivers trip, over six days on the river, you’ll hit eight to nine different sections of river ranging from class III to class V (depending on your skill level). Nowhere else in the world, can you paddle such variety in a single trip.

Best in the World Kayaking Guides

Our guides are some of the best kayakers and river paddlers in the world. They will keep you safe, help improve your kayaking, and ensure you have the best trip possible. You can read about our guide time more here, but below are a few highlights of this team:

Walter Centeno: Walter has more than 14 years working in the Costa Rica travel industry guiding kayaking and whitewater rafting trips. He has worked as a guide and operations manager for three of the most well respected travel companies in the country.

Arnaldo Cespedes: Arnaldo is also one of Costa Rica’s top kayakers. He has competed in the World Freestyle Championships multiple times, was a hopeful for the Costa Rica Olympic team, and has competed across the globe. Arnaldo frequently teaches at kayaking schools in the U.S. and will share this experience and skill with you.

Deivis Montenegro: Deivis has represented Costa Rica multiple times in the World Rafting Championships. He is also a top national triathlete, volunteer firefighter, and ACA swiftwater rescue certified. Not only will you be paddling with one Costa Rica’s top athletes, you’ll also be in safe hands during your trip.

Non-Kayaking Activities

If your Costa Rica trip isn’t dedicated just to kayaking, or if six days straight on the river is too much, the non-kayaking activities in Costa Rica are second to none. We’ve highlighted a number of our favorite activities in other posts, but here, you’ll find some of the non-kayaking activities we love. These are perfect for a day off, or for a non-kayaker thats with your group:

Canyoning: Hike through beautiful, green canyons, and rappel down scenic waterfalls with our team. This activity is great for beginners and experienced climbers and hikers.

Ziplines: Soar through the air on ziplines above the jungle canopy. You’ll literally see the jungle from a birds eye view as you reach speeds of up to 40mph.

Beaches/Surfing: Costa Rica is home some of the world’s best beaches and surfing. In fact, Costa Rica beaches have recently been named tops by U.S. News and TripAdvisor. And the ISA World Surfing Games were held here in 2016 and 2009. You can kick back and relax in the sand and sun, or take a surfing lesson with one of our trusted experts.

Spas & Resorts: Costa Rica is home to a number of five star spas and resorts. Hit any of these when you need to unwind and recover from some of the other activities we can arrange for you.

So Much More: There is soooo much more in Costa Rica for you to experience. Other popular activities include horseback riding, cooking classes, jungle tours, whale watching, snorkeling, and much, much more.

Low Prices for Costa Rica Whitewater Trips

You might be thinking that a kayaking trip to Costa Rica is expensive or unaffordable. We have leveraged our local relationships to give you the best possible pricing on a whitewater kayaking trip. Many of our trips run from about $1,699-$2,200 (plus airfare) depending on the season and locations we visit.

Don’t wait. Book your whitewater kayaking trip today. Our trip planning experts are available to discuss trip days and options with you. Contact us today through our consultation scheduler or call us at (801) 389-7324.

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