Costa Rica Kayaking – Week of Rivers Trips

Week Of Rivers Trips

Group Kayaks

“The Classic”

Caribbean & Pacuare River

Great for Beginners, Class III and Class IV Kayakers, Duckies and Rafts

Our #1 Kayak, Raft and Ducky Trip

Year Round

Sevegre River Waterfall Group

“The Pacific”

Pacific & Pacuare River

Great for Class III and IV Kayakers, Duckies and Rafts

The best Pacific Rivers, beach time and Overnight Eco-Lodge stay on the Pacuare River!

Best from May – December

Pacuare RIver

“Confidence Builder”

Coaching, Learning and Paddling

Available most weeks.

Amazing option for Beginners & Class II or Class III Intermediate Kayakers.

Custom tailored training without missing the great rivers!

Kayaking Whitewater Costa Rica

Custom River Rafting & Kayak Trips

Only have a few days to paddle? Looking to bring your family on the Pacuare River or looking for good kid options?

1, 2 and 3+ day Solo Paddler or Small Group River Trips

Year Round

World-Class Whitewater Kayaking Trips To Costa Rica

Spend a week kayaking some of the best rivers in the world with the best guides in the world.  Spend seven days kayaking six rivers experiencing a variety of rapids (Class II to Class IV) to test your skills.  Let us show you the finest Costa Rica has to offer.

Kayak With The Best In The World

When we say our team is the best, we can prove it. Our guides are some of the most experienced and elite kayakers and rafters in Costa Rica and the world. Our team of experts consists of world champion kayakers, triathletes, rafters, and coaches. To keep you safe, our team has been ACA Swiftwater Rescue certified. Not only are they expert kayakers and rafters, but they have been running and guiding Costa Rica’s whitewater for more than 10 years. In fact, many of the rivers you will run on this trip are our teams’ hometown rivers. They know them in and out.

Top Kayaking Equipment Ready To Use

Don’t worry about bringing your own kayak and equipment to Costa Rica. We have a brand new fleet of kayaks that includes top boats from Dagger, Jackson, Liquid Logic and Pyranha. We continually rotate our boats so you’ll always have boats that are new and in top condition.

Book A Trip Unlike Any Other Today

Don’t wait. Book your Costa Rica kayaking trip today. If you’ve never been to Costa Rica, this trip will show you the best of the country while experiencing the top rivers in the world.  If you’ve been before, you need to experience one of our new trips. Our local guides will take you to new rivers, find new lines, and ensure this is different than any other trip. View our scheduled kayak trip dates to join in with an upcoming group. If our current dates don’t work for you, we also specialize in offering custom trips to Costa Rica and can plan something just for you or even add another trip during your available dates.  We will do whatever we can to give you a perfect trip.

Check Out Our New Fleet Of Kayaks

We have a fleet of brand new whitewater kayaks for your to try on your Costa Rica trip. Our fleet has top boats from Dagger, Liquid Logic, Jackson, and more. Check out the boats you can use on your trip today.

Don’t rely on luck for the success of your trip.

Amazing Vacations was started because our guides wanted to offer kayakers the best possible multi-day whitewater paddling experience in Costa Rica.

Can I bring a spouse, partner or family with me during the week of rivers?

YES! We have great options to keep them busy and having as much fun as you are having on the river.

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