Modern Musician
Mastermind Adventure Trip

Join Modern Musician Experts in Costa Rica for a Once in a Lifetime Adventure that will focus on Personal Growth and your Future Strategy as an Artist to help you reach your next level. 

What is the Modern Musician Mastermind Adventure?

Our goal is to help musicians be more successful but one of the most important pieces of success is building a network of mentors and other successful people around you. 

We’ve created what we think is one of the most AMAZING vacation experiences of a lifetime and combined it with what we hope will lead to personal growth, vision for the future and strategic direction to get things done over the coming months. 

We know that when we bring 16 musicians together for a week, you will create friendship and bonds that will help you moving forward with your music career once you are home.

You’ll also be joined by AT LEAST two of our coaches and trainers to help lead discussions throughout the week along with videos and other training leading up to your trip, and special follow up from your coach for 3 months after the trip. 

For those that want to reach the Next Level with their music.

Limited to 16 Musicians
By Invitation Only

This trip is not for everyone. In order to ensure everyone has a great experience and on the trip, we have created a screening process intended to limit the trip to those individuals who we feel are ready to take things to the next level.

There are multiple requirements that must be met before you can join this trip. 

  • You must have successfully completed the Modern Musician Program.
  • You must receive a recommendation and invitation from one of the modern musician coaches.
  • You don’t have to be an extreme athlete, but to get the most out of the experience, you must be physically able to participate in various daily activities that we plan as part of the learning experience. On each of the days we will be doing different activities that may include: River Rafting, Horseback Riding, Hiking, Mountain Biking, ATVs, Surfing. You don’t have to participate in all of the activities, but you will have a much better experience if you are able to participate in the daily activity.

Each day will include time with the group to learn and talk about different aspects of the music business. We’ll cover multiple topics and have many discussions with other participants. This is intended to be a learning experience as much as a fun vacation. 

The price includes everything but the cost of your flight and passport. You’re responsible for getting yourself to Costa Rica and from there, we take care of everything else from the time you arrive at the airport. 

Price is for double occupancy. (Separate rooms are available upon request for an additional charge.)

All meals, transportation and activities for each day are included. 

All of our activities for the entire week are for our group only. There will be no other busloads of people with our group and transportation will be with our own large van with personal driver and guide for the entire week. 

This trip will feel like you have a local friend in Costa Rica taking you to all of the best spots that many tourists in the large groups never get to see. 

Upcoming Trips:

We limit each trip to 16 participants. Spots will fill up quickly, so don’t wait to reserve your spot. 

December 12-21, 2020

February 8-17, 2021

What's Included?

  – 8 Day Private Group Costa Rica Adventure with all Lodging, Meals, Transportation and Activities (Value $5,468)

  – Daily Training from our top Coaches during the trip (Value = $4,995)

  – 3 Months of Monthly Coaching and Accountability Calls with your Coach ($1,500 Value)

  – 3 Months of Personal Coaching Calls included ($1,995 Value)

  – 6 Months of Post Trip Mastermind Group Calls with You Trip Leader ($4,500 Value)

  – Friends and Relationships Developed during the trip (PRICELESS!!!)

  – Inspiration for NEW SONGS (PRICELESS!!!)

  – Memories, Friends and Relationships to last a Lifetime!

VALUE OVER = $18,500+

Activities and Itinerary

Activities and locations are subject to change based on weather and availability.



Once you are signed up for the trip, you will receive an updated itinerary and a phone call with the travel team at Amazing Vacations to discuss arrival times, answer questions, etc. You will receive detailed emails with instructions for arrival, preparation, packing lists, etc. leading up to your trip and they are also available to talk via phone, emails or text message to make sure you are prepared for your trip.

What about Covid-19?

As of September 22nd, Costa Rica is allowing travelers from 15 states to enter the country. Costa Rica has the most advanced medical care facilities in Central and South America and Americans frequently travel to Costa Rica to have medical and dental surgeries from experts. We’ve been told that many of the facilities in Costa Rica have more modern medical equipment than those found in many areas of the United States.

Costa Rica will feel much like being in the United States. You can use your credit card (Visa, Mastercard) nearly everywhere we go. You will have Internet and cell service “Almost” everywhere we visit except while we are at the Eco-Lodge retreat in the jungle along the river. We are intentionally getting everyone to unplug for a few days to help you get the most out of the learning experienc.

Costa Rica responded quickly to the Covid Pandemic and continues to actively update their plans for dealing with outbreaks. Because this is a moving target we will continue to monitor and communicate with each participant as the government updates their restrictions and guidelines. 

Currently Costa Rica is requiring trip insurance that would cover expenses if you were to require hospitalization or a 2 week additional quarantine stay while in the country. We have great travel insurance options that cover this requirement and getting travel insurance was a good idea before the Pandemic. We expect all states to be allowed to travel by our trip in December but it is likely that a Negative Covid Test will be required within a few days of travel.  

You should expect to wear a mask when you are unable to social distance but because of our small group size. In general Costa Rica has done an amazing job of limiting the spread of the Virus and we expect that to continue into the new year.

We will keep you updated on new information as your trip approaches, but know that you should feel safe and that our team and the country of Costa Rica is working hard to provide for a vacation where everyone will feel safe.

What it the trip has to be cancelled because of Covid-19? 

We will provide a full refund for the trip if the trip is cancelled because of flights, hotel or travel restrictions.

Travel Insurance Required by Costa Rica to Enter the Country:

Travel Insurance is currently required in order to enter Costa Rica. This may change, but Customs is requiring proof of a travel policy that covers AT LEAST $50,000 of expenses and at least 2 weeks of hotels in the event you may need to be quarantined because of Covid-19. Our team has an easy to use Insurance quote and option that we can share with you. The price of the insurance will vary depending on your age and a few questions that are asked as part of the application. Because they are requiring a “Premier style” insurance policy to enter Costa Rica, the policies do tend to range from $300-$500. Unfortunately during this time the travel insurance is required but the coverage will be extremely useful in the event there is a need to use it.

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