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Glenn Rawson's
Costa Rica Adventure

Join Glenn in Costa Rica on a small group trip to explore the culture and history of Costa Rica.

Experience Chocolate, Culture, Jungle and Wildlife on this amazing trip of a lifetime!

Glenn loves to take small groups to Costa Rica. This is a great opportunity to have personal time with Glenn, hear his captivating stories and enjoy the culture of Costa Rica.  

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My name is Glenn Rawson.

For over 20 years, I have written and recorded over 800 inspirational stories for many “Sounds of Sunday” radio programs, broadcast far and wide.

I am a teacher, story teller and a speaker.

It is what I do by profession and is my passion. I love helping to inspire people and lift them to higher ground. At present I travel worldwide as a tour leader and educator visiting many of the sites from my stories. I hold to the old saying that “Everyone loves a good story.” I find I can teach most principles and inspire most effectively when I use an engaging story. I hope you find these stories uplifting and that they help you.

Costa Rica - A Cultural Paradise

Welcome to Costa Rica! A country the size of West Virginia nestled in the middle of Central America.  This beautiful country has it all – mountains, jungle, rivers, oceans, volcanos, and six percent of the world’s biodiversity – meaning sloths, toucans, turtles, monkeys and more.  However, what really makes Costa Rica special is the people.  

Join Glenn as he regales you with stories of the unique people that make up this small country.  Experience the food of the gods in Sarapiqui, learn the history behind La Negrita at the Cartago Basilica, and discover the ruins of an ancient people at Guayabo.  

Enjoy the sounds of the jungle on a wildlife boat tour, learn about the native populations of Costa Rica, and explore the volcanic richness in La Fortuna.  

History, Ruins, Chocolate, Hanging Bridges, and Wildlife

7 Days/6 Nights

Join Glenn for a nine day adventure through the heart of Costa Rica. Begin your journey in San Jose before heading east to the Turrialba Valley.  Experience the beautiful views from Irazu volcano – the tallest point in Costa Rica.  Drive through the rich agricultural valley of Turrialba among the coffee, cabbage, and sugar cane.  Let Glenn and your local guide share the Costa Rican culture with you including a cooking class with the top chef in Turrialba. 

Next, head north to the deep rainforest and experience the animals that call Costa Rica home while walking through the jungle at canopy level.  Learn about the Maleku peoples, the artists at Sarchi, and the dangerous beauty of the Arenal volcano.  

Head back to San Jose with Glenn to depart, or choose to extend your stay at the relaxing Springs resort in La Fortuna. 

Basilica de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles

Your journey with Glenn begins in Cartago where you will explore the beautiful Basilica de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles – Our Lady of the Angels.  Learn about, and experience, these healing waters and the pilgrimage that most Costa Ricans partake in each year on August 2nd. Let Glenn regale you with the story of La Negrita, a very important volcanic icon that dates back to the 1600s.  

The Food of the Gods

The next stop on your adventure with Glenn takes you to Sarapiqui, home to the Puerto Viejo and Sarapiqui rivers, wildlife sanctuaries, and the best chocolate tour in the world! Any chocolate you don’t eat, gets thrown out so we urge you to eat your heart out! Later, explore the jungle at canopy height on the longest hanging bridge in Costa Rica.  Bring your camera and keep your eyes peeled for Howler monkeys, Toucans, and the national Blue Morpho butterfly. 

The Arenal Volcano

Your trip will finish in La Fortuna –  a small town northwest of San Jose which is arguably one of the most famous towns in Costa Rica.  La Fortuna has it all – waterfalls, wildlife, zip lining, hiking, shopping, hot springs, and the famous Arenal Volcano National Park.  Dormant until 1968, this beautiful volcano dominates the skyline and provides the heat for the naturally occurring hot springs in this area.  Experience the beautiful jungle views at Mistico and gain a deeper understanding of the native Maleku people who call this area home. 

From here you will head to San Jose for your flight home, or you can extend your stay in Arenal at one of our favorite luxurious hotels.  

A Turrialba Treasure

Amazing Vacations started as an idea on the Pacuare River, a partnership between US based kayakers and Costa Rican guides that call Turrialba their home.  This magical river boasts beautiful canyons, vibrant wildlife, and exhilarating rapids.  Along this magical river corridor stand multiple eco lodges offering zip line tours of the rainforest as well as a rejuvenating place to lay your head.  Glenn experienced the beauty of the river, the thrill of the rapids, and the apprehension of letting go as he swung over the jungle canopy on the Tarzan swing.  

This is not included in your tour with Glenn, however, we would love to help you schedule your whitewater rafting and zip line experience on the Pacuare River.