Cardio, Strength training, nutrition, and amazing scenery.

Train in Paradise

Natural Training Facilities

Locals know that training with a great view is the best way to workout. With unlimited sunshine, great weather conditions, exceptional coaches, and plenty of activities to enjoy Turrialba is our favorite place to train. But hurry...space is limited!

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Daniel Bustos Araya
Head Coach

Turrialba Training Camp

Started by professional raft guide and MMA Champion Daniel Bustos Araya, Turrialba Training Camp is the perfect combination of adventure, martial arts, and fitness in the Amazing location of Turrialba, Costa Rica. As an individual, Daniel has overcome many obstacles including cancer and consequently strives to empower his athletes to become the best version of themselves and a champion of life. Get ready to experience Lavaknee drills at the Turrialba volcano, Kayakitsu on the Pejibaye and Pacuare rivers, and Canyonkick in the beautiful town of Sitio Mata.


National and International Professional Competitor

Krav Maga

Certified Instructor

Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian & Japanese Styles

Muay Thai

Kickboxing, Judo and more

Who is this trip for?

Anyone with a passion for sports and physical activity. Beginners are welcome as are professional athletes. Groups, Teams, Gyms – all are welcome.  Turrialba Training Camp is designed to provide a week of well-rounded workout experiences but also provide an unforgettable vacation in the beautiful Turrialba Valley.

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