Options For Non-Kayakers

What if you have a spouse, partner or family that isn’t interested in Kayaking but would still like to visit Costa Rica during the Week of Rivers Trips?

This is a great question that comes up all the time. There are so many things to do in the locations that we visit that we can create a custom itinerary for your spouse or partner that is based around their interests. They’ll still be able to join you for breakfast and dinner each day and if they are interested, they can join our group in a raft during some of the days of the trip.

Many of our guests that bring a spouse, partner or family will have us schedule a few extra days at a beach or hot springs/volcano location once the river trip is finished as well. We can coordinate all of the activities and transportation for you throughout the trip, even after the week of rivers is wrapped up.

The price for the non-kayakers will vary based on what activities they choose to do, but we will provide them with a full itinerary full of options that they can select from. We’ll do our best to help make this vacation as memorable for them as the kayaking!

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Chat with us about some of the great options we have for non-kayakers who join as a guest on our week of rivers trips.

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