International Borders are Opening!

Great news! Costa Rica is opening its international borders on August 1st! At present the international countries are limited as are the number of flights allowed to enter per week.  As of August 1st tourists from the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Canada are allowed to enter Costa Rica and flights will be severely limited.  Costa Rica is anticipating only five flights arriving internationally per week. 
Tourists must adhere to the following guidelines if they are to be allowed in country.
  1. Tourists must complete and present an epidemiological survey.
  2. Tourists must present proof of a negative PCR coronavirus test. The result must have been received within the 48 hours before their travel to Costa Rica.
  3. Tourists must acquire travel insurance that covers medical care or an unexpected extended hotel stay.
  4. Tourists must follow all airport and local health protocols. This includes wearing a mask or face shield in nearly all indoors circumstances.
Areas of Costa Rica in Yellow Alert are allowing an easement in some restrictions starting on August 1. In these areas, beaches will remain open until 2:30 p.m. daily, and all open-air tourism activities (e.g. canopy tours/zipline, fishing, surfing lessons), are permitted.
At this time tourists from North America are not permitted to enter Costa Rica due to the high number of cases but we are hopeful that with proper adherence to these guidelines more countries will be allowed in soon. 

1 thought on “International Borders are Opening!”

  1. Canada is in North America. Canadians can travel to C.R.
    Only tourists from the United States of America, N.A. cannot fly to Costa Rica, C.A.


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