Finding guides that you love to spend time with during your trip can make all the difference when traveling to Costa Rica. It’s important to understand what people are saying about the experience of working with Amazing Vacations Costa Rica.

There are great guides all over, but we like to think that our team takes service to another level. If there was a Disney of guide service in Costa Rica, we hope that people would put us on that level of experience.

Rather than us toot our own horn though, we thought a post that includes direct quotes from emails and survey responses that we’ve received over the past few months, and as you’ll see our guides are almost always mentioned as their favorite part of the trip.

Our clients make a better case than we ever could for working with the Amazing Vacations Costa Rica team.


Q: What was your favorite part of your Costa Rica trip?

A: “I was very impressed by the level of guidance and instruction on the river – the guides are very positive and confidence inspiring. Even though water levels were a little low, they worked to make the most of our river experiences. The kayaks were all pretty much new and fully adjustable, which I think is fantastic – it’s easy for a fleet to fall into poor maintenance. Keep it up! Also a pleasure to have all the logistics, boat loading, lunch prep taken care of! The overnight in the jungle lodge is a great experience.” Robert B

A: “The people – Arnaldo, Davis, Walter and the crew. What a great group of guys. Made me feel like part of the family from day 1. On top of that they were unbelievable on the river. Great great trip.” Jayson S

A: “Our favorite part of the trip was meeting and interacting with Walter Centeno. It felt more than the typical Guide vs Client interaction. Even though Walter Centeno was only a Facebook Message away, and very interactive with us via messages during the rest of the trip, we really missed his presence once we left Sarapiqui. We also really enjoyed the activities, the wildlife viewing and the food!” Davide S

A: “The PEOPLE (staff, drivers, guides) were excellent and very accommodating. Very friendly and anxious to show us a great time. The whole trip was very good (well, not the rain but since it’s a rain forest it was somewhat expected). The selections of places to stay and the activities were great.” Judy O 

A: “Being in a different County with no worries (guides we amazing) and Kayaking rivers thru the jungle canopy with friends and getting the full experience of Costa Rica just amazing. Troy G

A: “Kayaking with Arnaldo! Pacuare! Upper upper was so beautiful! Amazing logistics! Walter was amazing! Emma J

A: “The guides are amazing and I felt as safe as possible pushing my skills with them nearby to assist in a rescue situation. I can’t say enough about their professionalism and support on the river. Top notch. Susan C


Q: What would you tell someone who is thinking about traveling to Costa Rica?

A: “Definitely book through Amazing Vacations and have guides/drivers set up for your trips. We would have missed so much if we were trying to do these activities on our own. Jason really listened to our needs and picked activities that were suitable to our interests.” Judy & Stan

A: “Knowledgeable guides, good boats to use, great food, amazing wildlife , and best weather ever for paddling. It’s worth spending extra time touring the local sites and tourists spots if time allows.” Anne S

A: “You will only regret not going, and once there you will be ready to plan your next trip back.” Troy G

A: “Be sure to sprinkle wildlife viewing amongst adventure-style activities. And try out a hot spring!” Davide S

Join our numerous previous guests in having the vacation of a lifetime. Contact us at (801) 389-7324 or reach out for a FREE itinerary plan. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Costa Rica soon.

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