Costa Rica Trips For Teens and Parents

Best Week Ever...For Teens and Parents

Why this trip for my teenager?

When adults reminisce about the most memorable experiences of their childhood, they recall times they connected with family, challenges they overcame, amazing trips to exotic locations, or serious moments of change when they decided to course correct their life. What if all of those were possible in one experience?

The week will be led by experienced youth leaders and guides, including a doctor who specializes in child psychiatry.  He works with teenagers all year long, helping them build resilience and overcome extreme life stressors to reach their personal goals.

We’ve tried to create the perfect week that will be remembered for a lifetime with an emphasis on having BOTH the teenager and a parent attend and participate in activities for the week.

Trip Overview

Fly to Costa Rica for the most memorable and life changing week your teens will be talking about for decades.  Take the best parts of a luxurious exotic vacation, a challenging river rafting adventure, carefully crafted soul searching activities, a grit building bootcamp, and a relaxing revitalizing retreat.

This is the week parents dream of for their teen AND we promise your teenagers will talk about for all the right reasons.

River Raft over 52 named rapids on the Pacuare River canyon, rappel down multiple waterfalls and then eat handpicked food from local organic farms where your group helps prepare meals with a Costa Rican expert chef.

Teenagers and their parents will be zip-lining, learning to roll a Kayak, Stand Up Paddle boarding,  rafting Class III and IV rapids, Cooking Costa Rican food, seeing wildlife in the middle of the jungle and eating plenty of world famous Costa Rican Pineapple and other exotic fruits.

You’ll even have time to relax and then benefit from discussions and life lesson chats that will help teach skills for making decisions that matter and will affect their future.  This is the week when you not only do things you’ve never done, but you decide to build the life you’ve never had.

The group size is limited to no more than 16 teenagers age 14 – 18 and their parents. If parents aren’t able to make the trip, that’s ok but the best experience will come when both the child and a parent can attend.

Goals of Youth Trip / Vision

  • Provide teenagers with a week long adventure that will push them mentally and physically, and inspire them for life.
  • Between the gorgeous sites and adventurous trips, plant mental seeds to improve communication, relationships, and determination
  • Experience a new culture and people
  • See memorable and amazing places
  • Provide a series of experiences for youth and parents that create a lasting impact and change them for the better.
  • Provide teenagers with life experiences that make them more likely to be a better leader/sibling/friend/parent/spouse in their life.
  • Help build positive relationships between parents and kids to strengthen families.

“We’ve used many of the popular Youth Camps and EFY programs as a model for this trip, with a special focus on providing Challenging Adventures AND Life Lessons for the teens and their parents… and we’re doing it in one of the most spectacular locations in the world.

This is the trip I’ve designed for my own teenagers to help with their personal development.”

Jason Tonioli



Price does NOT include flights to San Jose (SJO)

Price Includes:

  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Guides
  • All Activities
  • All Meals

Most trips similar to this are $3,200+ per person

Ratio of AT LEAST 1 Adult per 4 Teens during the trip

About The Trip Leaders

Jason Toniloi

Jason Tonioli

One of the co-founders of Amazing Vacations, Jason has worked as a banker, marketing director, software consultant and built a successful software company. He also works as a professional musician and has performed across the United States and in other countries. His music has been played over 100 million times and he has been able to work with some of the most talented artists in the world. He currently owns and manages 6 businesses, including Amazing Vacations Costa Rica.

Jason has worked with youth as a scoutmaster, coach, youth leader and volunteer for nearly 20 years. He has the gift of bringing the right people together to accomplish amazing things and hopes that this program will help inspire the youth who attend to accomplish great things.

Matt And Joni Larsen

Dr. Matt & Joni Larsen

For years Matt has directed a long term treatment center for teenagers.  He works daily with patients who self harm, attempt suicide, and suffer from severe mental illness and terrible life circumstances.  He spends some of his free time as a youth speaker and local expert, presenting several times a month at local churches, schools, and mental health trainings.

“For years I have wanted to make parents a more integral part of these life changing experiences.  I help many kids, and talk to their parents on the phone, but don’t get to help them learn and grow together, side by side, while having fun and being challenged.  This program has been a goal of mine, to offer families a chance to make a lasting change in their lives.”

Costa Rica Team

Walter Centeno

Walter is a Costa Rican Native and one of the co-founders of Amazing Vacations. He has been organizing and running group trips in Costa Rica for over 15 years. For five of those years he worked as a youth counselor running “expensive high end” trips for teenagers from all over the world.

He competed and trained with the Costa Rica kayak slalom team that competes internationally and currently serves as the coach of the National Champion youth rafting team that recently took third place at the international championships in Argentina this past winter.

Life Building Topics That We’ll Cover Throughout The Week

The Reality Gap

None of us are who we wish we were. There is an ideal version of ourselves we wish we could become. We all have values and standards and goals and aspirations we don’t live up to. So there is always a gap between who we are, and who we wish we were.

How do we make that Gap useful? We could give up the standards and just be happy as we are with no drive to ever improve of change. We could be depressed and disappointed forever because we will “never be happy” until we become our ideal selves. Or we can do BOTH – enjoy life as we are and know that we can be happy now, while always striving to improve.

Failure Is A Gift

Failure is not only a great teacher, it is a gift.  Nothing teaches us to change like experiencing failure.

Lectures are forgotten, experiences are remembered forever.  This is actually why parents using the counting method of discipline works: telling kids “I’ll count to three; 1,2,3”  It gives kids time to think and consider and change, and then it has consequences, without the lecture. 

Teach them through failure and experience more often than lecture

All Behavior Makes Sense

The key to lasting communication, and friendship, and marriage, and collaboration, is understanding the WHY of someone else’s behavior. Behavior is often not useful, nor helpful. It can even be destructive and awful for everyone involved, but it makes sense to the person doing it in the moment they do it. 

 If we can teach kids and parents to withhold judgment for a moment to figure out why the behavior EMOTIONALLY made sense, and validate that reason, and then correct the behavior that was dysfunctional, then we can improve and build communication.

They’ll Only Have Conversations You Can Handle

Teaching kids and their parents that even thought they tell their kids and spouse “you can tell me anything” – the other person almost never believes it because they know you can’t handle some conversations, your judgement is too strong to ever manage it.

How do we make that Gap useful? We could give up the standards and just be happy as we are with no drive to ever improve of change. We could be depressed and disappointed forever because we will “never be happy” until we become our ideal selves. Or we can do BOTH – enjoy life as we are and know that we can be happy now, while always striving to improve.

Other Planned Topics

  • Multitasking is a myth
  • You must move from dependence to independence before you can be interdependent
  • Set up life so it is hard to screw up. (schedule for success)  Like sleeping in gym clothes, or buying a flip-phone to avoid pornography.

With a country as beautiful as Costa Rica and great leaders in the world we live in, why not combine the 2 in our Costa Rica Adventure Week!

With our new Leadership and Service Expedition, you can experience the beautiful country of Costa Rica while serving the local communities and learning to become better leaders!

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