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You can find a deal online, you can go through each individual activity site and hotel website. What’s the advantage of traveling with Amazing Vacations Costa Rica?

I generally like to plan out my own trips but it was worth every dollar and I got to experience so much more of Costa Rica than I ever would have on my own.  Hannah5446

You can find a deal online, you can go through each individual activity site and hotel website.  What’s the advantage of traveling with Amazing Vacations Costa Rica?

What value are you getting when we plan and execute your vacation?

Custom Itinerary:

We have itineraries that are on our website full of our most popular activities and destinations.  These are trips that people have gone on over and over and they are our favorites.  But their might be something on there that doesn’t appeal to you – or there might be something missing that you have your heart set on.

Want to meet some locals or have a cooking class?  Want to ride a horse on the beach?  We can edit any itinerary that we have to match exactly what you want.

Afraid of heights?  Yup!  We can take that zipline right out of there and give you something you’d enjoy more.  Not sure what you want?  Check out our list of available options to get your mind started thinking about what you’d like.

Most companies aren’t this flexible- because they are cramming 40 people into the same trip that you are taking.  We don’t.  There may be other people on a particular tour that you do while in Costa Rica, but we keep our groups small and you won’t be with 40 people the entire time – unless they are all your friends and family that you want to bring with you!

No hidden fees.  


The absolute worst thing about a trip is when you finally settle on activities and pricing – only to get your invoice and find that a bunch of taxes, fees, and handling is added on.  Or what’s worse – you are in country and find that you can leave or be picked up without paying an additional fee.  We won’t do that to you.  When we quote you the pricing – that is the pricing.   Your invoice will look exactly like the quote.  We don’t want you to have any pricing surprises.  

Generally people who come on our trips bring money to pay for snacks, maybe a few meals or souvenirs.  But everything on your itinerary is included and you won’t be asked for more by us.  In fact we generally go the extra mile.  Our team is full of stories where our team has gone the extra mile providing above and beyond what was purchased or requested.  Their whole goal is to help you have the best possible experience.

travel with amazing vacations costa rica
Someone will always be there for you – and you will love our team! 

We have a WhatsApp number that you can reach out to our team in Costa Rica 24/7.  If you have a question, want to make a change, need some medicine delivered, or want a cake for a special occasion – they are there for you!  (All true stories!).

If something goes wrong as travel sometimes can – they are there to help make arrangements to get you into a better situation.  It is so nice to be able to know you have someone you can go to for any question, any need, any problem.  That’s what you get with Amazing Vacations.

The guides will treat you special and like you are family.  

If you’ve been watching the videos you’ll notice that they all mention the guides.  Everyone that comes lists our team, people and guides as their favorite.   We have so many videos and reviews that point to them being a highlight of their trip – and it’s no surprise.  We strive to hire amazing people that share our values as a company.

Not only will you get a great vacation in Costa Rica, but you’ll also get new lifelong friends!  Our Costa Rica team truly is the best part of our company.  They are simply – amazing.  There is no other word for them.  

They go the extra mile and give personalized service.  While other guides might sit and talk with each other – our guides will sit with you and get to know you.  Our guides are loved, so many of the other guides will come over to visit them – so you’ll get to know them from other companies as well!  

We pay our guides more than other companies in Costa Rica – with a livable wage and keep our groups small.  This has resulted in the best guides in Costa Rica wanting to work for us and you will feel that when you come.  You are supporting them and their families as you travel with us.  If you’re not sure if I’m just biased – which I probably am, then check out our reviews on Google, FB, and Trip Advisor.  Most everyone mentions our team and how they made their trip special.

You will get to enjoy their stories, their singing, and if you’re really lucky, their leaf folding talents.  They will show you how to spot a sloth or a monkey, or whatever you tell them you are interested in.  They find out what you like and try to make that show up on your next day.  My best meal in Costa Rica was cooked by my guides in the Jungle Camp.  They knew by then what I liked and usually ordered.  I had no idea they were gourmet cooks!  

It doesn’t matter if they are only with you for a couple of hours, the whole day or for the whole time you are in Costa Rica, you will come to love and appreciate their friendship, love, and service that they constantly give.  They truly are Zappos – and if you don’t know what that means you should read about it!

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Come travel with us and see why traveling with Amazing Vacations Costa Rica is the experience you want to have!

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