Safe Travel to Costa Rica Without the Worry!

Headed to Costa Rica? How to travel without a worry! Go with someone who has a local team!

Is it safe to travel to Costa Rica?

Many of my traveling friends are free spirits and live life spontaneously.  They wake up one morning, pack a bag, and are off on an adventure.  They go with the flow and when something negative or unexpected happens, they pivot and make do.  If this is you, I am jealous that you can live that way.  I cannot.

I am a worrier.  I worry about things.  I worry even more about travel.  I plan and pack and prepare and think and worry and check months in advance.

Sometimes I think my trips go better because I worry about them so much.  I think about what I will do in every.  single.  situation.  Then I prepare the things I need and when my worry comes true – I go into action.  My husband says it’s my super power.

I can’t tell you how to live your life more spontaneously and free or eliminate all stress in your life or trip preparations.

What I can tell you is how to travel to Costa Rica without worrying.  You go with Amazing Vacations Costa Rica.

You see, travel to a foreign country that I’ve never been to before?  That put my worries into overdrive.  I just couldn’t think through all of the possibilities – because I didn’t know what to expect or how to plan.  I was sick with worry.

But  Amazing Vacations Costa Rica took out all the worries of my travel to Costa Rica and I’m so grateful that I ended up choosing them as my travel company.

From the get go – they had my number and understood my worries.  They started with giving me a detailed itinerary with confirmations and times in it.  So I knew exactly when to be where and what to expect.  My first itinerary was a general outline, but once I gave it the green light, more details and information started showing up in my itinerary to let me know what the latest plan was.

My itinerary also had videos and links to their blog with useful information and descriptions that helped me know how to prepare and what to expect.  I could watch as many or as few as I wanted.  I watched some that didn’t have anything to do with what I was doing on my trip just because they were fun. 

I loved their YouTube channel and Facebook account that helped me see the trips that they were going on and what to expect.  I also checked out their Frequently Asked Questions page.

Once I paid for my trip, I started getting useful emails that give me ideas, hints and tips to help my trip go smoothly.  I was also able to email and call them if I had a question that wasn’t answered or even just wondered about stuff that I was thinking about.  They were very patient and became my friends.

Before my trip I reached out to the Costa Rica team through WhatsApp where I could have constant contact throughout my trip with them – they were just a text away and I had their direct number.  It was super useful when I thought of a question about my activity I had coming up and they got me the answer right away!  I loved having someone that knew all about what I was doing giving me the inside scoop.

I loved loved loved that someone picked me up at the airport and also my hotel and took me where I needed to go.  I never got lost, I never got left behind, and it wasn’t my stress if we got a flat tire.  

I didn’t need it, but I had the security of knowing that someone can help me make arrangements for the hiccups that come with travel and is willing to help me figure out the best solution.  I now know they would have even checked on me later if something had gone awry to see how it’s going and if they can do anything else. 

To me, that was priceless.

Just for example:

  • If your luggage doesn’t make your flight with you, the team can arrange for it to be brought to you. 
  • If you forget your medicine at your last hotel, they can get it to where you are. 
  • If you read a bad review about a hotel, they can personally go and check it out for you before you book to see what its current status is. 
  • If your driver doesn’t show up, they can find out that he’s on the road fixing a flat tire.  If you need to sleep in, they can push back your tour (provided there is a later time slot). 
  • If your driver takes you to the wrong place, they can send another to get you to the right place. 
  • If you get sick, they will get you the care you need and and then check up on you and bring you things they think will help you feel better. 
  • If your hotel has a natural disaster, they will risk themselves to get your clothing out and bring it to you. 
  • If you have a special occasion, they can help you celebrate it – as if you were a family member. 
  • If you are stuck – they will come find you.

Guys – these aren’t just examples!  Amazing Vacations has done every single one of these things!  This is just a sampling of the incredible things that they have done for their travelers.  When they say you are part of the family – they mean it! 

You have someone in the country nearby who has your best interests at heart and will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy and taken care of.  They have a network all over the country and if they can’t come themselves, they will send their mate.  Someone to care, to help you get what you need, and to make the best out of any situation you may experience.

Beyond that the team is incredibly fun!  Making sure that you get to see what you want to see even if it takes multiple stops and teaching you a call to bring out a monkey.  Next they are entertaining you with stories and songs.  Or even creating or giving you gifts like an animal made out of leaves or a cool keychain.

Their Costa Rica team is dedicated and works hard to help you have the best experience.  Having that help and knowledge, well that is priceless.  That is why I always travel with Amazing Vacations.

Read our Reviews

Here is a review from Trip Advisor:  Our family recently returned from Costa Rica and had an Amazing trip. We have never done an organized tour because I enjoy planning a personalized trip. 

I had been putting Costa Rica off as a destination because all the options seemed somewhat overwhelming to plan. I worked with Jason and Walter and couldn’t be more pleased. They were so helpful in planning activities that were tailored to our family, including our teenage son, and so responsive to little glitches (not of their making) that you would think we were their one and only VIP clients. 

One example, I was concerned about one of the hotels that was booked because of something I had read on the internet. Walter personally drove down (several hours) to check the hotel out. And by the way, it was great. I also have to mention that all the transportation, from the airport, taxis and boats and even a plane connection, was always punctual, clean and with friendly drivers – very single time.

Thank you Jason and Walter.

zkh2018 on Trip Advisor

Come see for yourself while travel with Amazing Vacations is the best decision you could make for your Costa Rica trip.

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