Travel in the Time of Covid

Wow!  What a year!  I’m sure you’re ready like I am to get back traveling again.  But what is it going to be like?  Unfortunately Covid has resulted in some changes, but it’s not as difficult as it first sounds.

You can see the requirements for entry into Costa Rica and get more information at: https://www.visitcostarica.com/en/costa-rica/planning-your-trip/entry-requirements.  This will be updated if any changes are made so it’s a helpful resource.  

You currently do NOT need a Covid test to enter Costa Rica, but you do need one to come back home to the US.  

Even if you have been vaccinated, travel insurance is currently required to enter Costa Rica showing that you will be covered if you contract Covid-19 while on your trip.

Costa Rica is encouraging everyone to purchase Covid-19 insurance through their government with a Sagicor Policy.  This policy only covers “in case of Covid” while in Costa Rica. These prices increase if you decide to purchase insurance upon landing at the airport.  If you don’t have insurance already, they will make you buy it at the airport.  You still need this policy even if you have been vaccinated.

We have found that Trawick International is less expensive, can cover flights, delays, and cancelations, and is accepted upon arrival in Costa Rica in lieu of the government’s policy.  This is the only policy we have found that works besides the government policy.  You’ll need the Voyager policy to cover the government’s Covid requirement.  If you only want the Covid plan, put your trip costs as $0. (that will make it cheaper)  If you want travel insurance for cancellation, flights, luggage, etc. as well, put in your actual costs including flights.

If you get Trawick, after you purchase the policy, they will send you an email.  It will have three blue links from left to right:  Visa Letter, Certificate, ID Cards.  Print a copy of the Visa Letter and ID cards and put them in your carry on.  You might need to show them – you might not.  It’s been 50/50 but it’s worth having the one sheet of paper if you need it.  The below health pass is sometimes why you don’t need the copy.  The Certificate is all the nitty gritty about your policy.  It’s really long.  You don’t need to print or carry it, but it’s good to know if you need something covered on your trip.

No more than 48 hours before your flight – but before you leave for the airport you have to fill out a Health Pass on the Costa Rican government’s website.  They will ask for your passport number, your flight (if you have a layover, put your flight you are arriving into Costa Rica), your seat, the address of the place you are staying your first night, and you’ll need to upload your insurance VISA letter if you went through Trawick.  (I’m not sure what you upload when you use the government’s.)  The health pass is easy, takes 5 minutes, but has to be done in the right time frame and before you head to the airport.  They will give you a QR code that you can have on your phone and makes it so you sometimes don’t need to show the other papers and you’ll breeze through customs.  Some people print up their QR code instead of having it on their phone.  That’s ok too.

Currently you need a Covid test to return to home to the US.  We will make sure that is set up for you in a timely convenient and most cost effective way.  We want it to be the smallest blip in your trip.

Don’t forget to bring a couple of masks.  When you’re outside and distancing it’s not as necessary, but as you travel you’ll need it and it gets humid so you’ll want to trade them out..

I know this probably sounds like a lot, but it’s really not too bad:  buy insurance, fill out health pass, get Covid test before you leave.  Done.  Fun.  Enjoy.

Covid is not a reason to not visit and enjoy all Costa Rica has to offer.

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