Family Rafting on the Pacuare

Week 2 Takes us to Turrialba and down the Pacuare River… we tried to go up but got way tired.

When we first decided to come to Costa Rica and stay an extended amount of time, we originally thought we would want to spend most of our time on the beach.

  After talking to Jason and Walter, with Amazing Vacations CR, we got super excited about the opportunity to raft with our kids through the rain forest, on some of the most majestic rivers in the world.

  Kris and I haven’t rafted much. Kris has been down a few rivers in Costa Rica and the Snake River in Jackson Hole, WY. My last raft experience was on Survivor! We are no experts.

 Our kids ages, 13 (Kai) 10 (River) and 8 (McKay) were up for the adventure and here we are!

  Let us just take a moment to explain, as best we can, the Pacuare River. Where do we start?  We go as a family and spend two days on this river.

  Walter and his world class guides take us on a raft, with a few other people on SUP (Stand Up Paddleboards) and kayaks.

  The water is unreal. Crystal clear and the perfect temperature. The beauty is breathtaking. We are the only people rafting down the river surrounded by lush green landscapes, stunning waterfalls, jungle terrain, singing birds and a rainforest that is so alive and full.

  The kids can’t stop smiling. There are fun rapids and the kids do great with helping us paddle.  About 2 hours down the river we get out and hike up the jungle mountainside to the Pacuare Outdoor Center, affectionately known as “Jungle Camp”.

 You would not believe this place exists in the middle of the river! It is a high-end jungle resort with individual bungalows nestled in the mountain. The views are insane. Absolutely breathtaking!  We get a hot shower and we able to kick back and relax. You can read books in the hammocks, enjoy views in the rocking chairs and be prepared to eat a delicious home cooked meal. It is magical!

  At night, you hear the sounds of nature as you fall asleep. You wake up to the beautiful sound of birds singing as you watch the sun peak over the mountains.

  You just have to experience it! Click here to see a Sneak Peak at the Pacuare Family Adventure

We all slept like babies and can’t wait to go back.  We have breakfast then headout for day two on the river. Another epic day. We will never forget this experience.





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