Meet Joaquin "Miti" Garcia

A native of Turrialba, Miti is known for the inspiration and general “good vibes” he brings to the river community.  It is Miti’s general good nature that inspired us to start the Caballero del Rio or Gentlemen of the River series. 

 Inspired by the international slalom boaters that hung gates on the Reventazon, Miti first jumped into a kayak in 1989 with borrowed gear, a Perception Dancer, and a motorcycle helmet.  

After only three months of paddling, Miti showed his composure in challenging situations and ability to navigate challenging water leading to a job on the Reventazon river.   After the damming of the Reventazon, Miti continued to guide on the Pacuare and worked hard to grow a new generation of boaters through instruction – including Nouria Newman and our very own Arnaldo.  

Tune in to the interview included below to hear about his experience with Peter Sears on the Orosi river, the naming of the rapid Dinosaur, and his time at the ‘92 Olympics in Barcelona.  

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