Survivor Family Adventure Costa Rica

Fans of the CBS TV show Survivor will recognize the name Neleh (Dennis) Nielson, aka Sweet Pea, for her Second Place finish on Survivor Marquesas.  Neleh continued a run with CBS as an entertainment reporter until marrying Kris Nielson, a former news anchor/reporter on the west coast. Kris is an award winning actor and Neleh stays active with many charities and managing the family businesses. They are also successful entrepreneurs.

Neleh and Kris are parents of three kids; Kai (13), River (10) and McKay (8) and owners of the world famous Marquesas Corndogs food truck, named after Neleh’s Survivor islands.  The family has worked in television, film and social media campaigns, spanning from Youtube channels to commercials for resorts in National Parks. Their family has a crazy life and loves sharing their adventures with others.

Through their many travels, they have fallen in love with Costa Rica.

The Nielson family is living in Costa Rica for an amazing two month vacation and want to share their “Survivor Family Adventure” with family, friends and thousands of fans around the world. Their travels highlight the many activities, hotels and adventures they have while traveling across this beautiful country.

The Nielson Family is partnering with Amazing Vacations Costa Rica to help share their story and bring awareness to some of the lesser known “Amazing” things to do in Costa Rica.

Throughout their visit, they will be posting videos, sharing reviews and sharing their experiences, with the goal of promoting the beauty and Pura Vida spirit of Costa Rica. The family is creating a series of “pre-planned” vacation packages, featuring the very same adventures you see in their videos.

We are actively seeking to partner with hotel and tour providers who would like to be featured in our vlogs, videos and reviews.

Be a part of the Nielson Survivor Family Adventure Costa Rica.

¡Pura Vida!

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