Costa Rica is home to some great local cuisine and served by even more amazing restaurants. Our local guides and drivers will take you to the best restaurants in Costa Rica that meets your preferences and dietary requirements. But, if you want a real treat; the best food available in Costa Rica, we can show it to you. Below are some of our favorites restaurants in Costa Rica.

Best Restaurant in Turrialba

Johnny’s Place

Want to try some incredible local Costa Rica cuisine when you come to run the Pacuare River? Then be sure to have our guides take you to Johnny’s Place. This is a great, friendly, locally owned restaurant that we have been visiting and taking guests to for years. You will not be disappointed by the food and drinks at Johnny’s Place.

While we have never had a bad meal at Johnny’s Place, there are a few things we recommend. First, the gallo pinto is top notch. Get it with chicken, pork, or beef. We also recommend the ribs – you will be enjoying Costa Rican BBQ that you won’t soon forget. Also, don’t forget the fries. Johnny’s seasons them in a way like you have never had before. Lastly, make sure and order a fresh fruit shake. We’re partial to guanabana.

Best Restaurant in Manuel Antonio

Barba Roja

The view. The ribs. The atmosphere. It’s hard to pick what we love most about Barba Roja. When you come to Manuel Antonio you’ll be mesmerized by a number of things. The ocean views are unmatched, the beaches are breathtaking, and the wildlife is on your doorstep. But, when you need to eat, you have to stop at Barba Roja, a locally owned restaurant and bar with a menu for all tastes.

When you go, try the ribs. Seriously. One plate will serve the whole table with the biggest ribs you have ever eaten. They are grilled just right and served with a side of sauce the sets them off. The sushi is fresh and as good as any as we have had in the States. Something else to enjoy at Barba Roja is the ocean view. The restaurant sits right on the shore and the sunsets will be some of the best you’ll experience in the Costa Rica.

Best Hotel Restaurant

Arenal Paraiso Resort

In Arenal, nearly everything has a volcano view and you can’t go wrong for beautiful scenery, but we found one restaurant that combines this gorgeous scenery with a great menu. The restaurant at Arenal Paraiso Resort.

This is a hotel restaurant with a top class staff and menu. The large, open air restaurant provides stunning views of Arenal Volcano any time of day, and the staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and the food is delicious. The teriyaki chicken is sweet and savory, the seabass is fresh and delicious. Breakfast is buffet style and includes great gallo pinto, sausage, bacon, eggs, and more. Plus, all the fresh, local fruit you can eat. And don’t forget the pastries. These are some of the best we have had in country.

Best Restaurant in La Fortuna

Rancho Margot

Rancho Margot happens to be one of our favorite hotels in La Fortuna, and has one of our favorite restaurants in the area as well. The self sufficient, organic, working farm, hotel, and restaurant will help you re-center and balance yourself while disconnecting from today’s fast past world. Nearly everything in the restaurant is grown and produced on the farm, with a few exceptions.

On our last visit, we loved the organic pizza. After a few days of our Costa Rican favorites, it was nice to have a slice of pizza every bit as good as we get at home. The fresh vegetables, handmade bread, and salad greens all come from the farm and are part of a different menu every day. We also had a delicious, light pasta that we were unable to get the name of, but can’t way to try again.

Best Organic Restaurant

Organico Fortuna

Organico Fortuna was recommended to us by one of our guides as a great place to eat healthy. We stopped and were blown away by the modern, minimalist aesthetic. Organico Fortuna is one of the very few all organic restaurants in Costa Rica. Foods and ingredients are locally sourced and prepared fresh.

On our visit, we had a delicious organic chicken sandwich on whole grain bread with fresh greens and a sweet house sauce. The fish tacos were also first rate. Travelers who claim to not like fish loved the fish tacos at Organico Fortuna. The fresh fruit shakes were a refreshing end to a great meal. Be sure to check out the organic coffee, butters, chocolate, and more for sale as well.

The food is one of the many reasons we love Costa Rica. If you want a trip that focuses on culinary experiences, we can arrange that. We can even schedule cooking lessons with local chefs. Everything we do will help you have the best Costa Rican vacation possible. Build a FREE custom vacation itinerary to see what we can do for you.

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