A lot of travelers ask us, “What is the best hotel for kayakers in Costa Rica?” That depends on a number of factors that we take into account to help you have the best vacation possible. Is your group just a bunch of paddlers looking to run rivers for a week? Do you just need a basecamp to set out from? Do you have children with you that need activities? Are you staying in a central area or moving around the country?

We take all of these variables and more into consideration as we help plan your Costa Rica kayaking trip. We don’t want you to spend a ton of money on hotels with features and amenities you aren’t going to take advantage of. Below, you will find some of our favorite hotels for kayakers in the county

Best Basecamp Style Hotels

Basecamp hotels are simple, no frills, hotels that provide a nice, clean, comfortable room for your group. These hotels may have few amenities at the premises, meaning you’re not going to spend your time hanging around the property, but instead, will be out seeing the country. These are the perfect places to sleep and have and early or late meal.

Turrialba Bed and Breakfast

Turrialba Bed and Breakfast is a cozy, 11 room bed in breakfast near the Turrialba town center. You’ll have an incredible breakfast, and dinner if necessary (we’ve spoken highly of their cinnamon pineapple before) to help energize you for hitting some of Costa Rica’s best rivers. The rooms have comfortable beds, and clean facilities. You’ll love that these are budget friendly rooms that allow you to enjoy some of the best kayaking in the country without feeling like you’re spending money on a hotel you’re not using.

Villa Vistas Arenal

Villa Vistas Arenal allows you to get put multiple people in a single, comfortable room, with everything you need to help save you money. There is so much to see and do in and around Arenal that you won’t want to spend any time in the hotel. You can kayak on Lake Arenal, ride horses, hike jungle canopies, ride ziplines, and so much more.

Bungalows at Villa Vistas Arenal have anywhere from one to three beds, fridges, TVs, and all the room you need for your gear and group. This is a great hotel for having a place to drop your gear, head out for tons of adventure and kayaking, and then head back and recover before doing it all again the next day.

Best Hotels for Kayakers with Family or Non-Kayakers

If you’re coming to Costa Rica for some kayaking, and your family or group has members who won’t be paddling, these are the hotels you should look into. The hotels below have great on-premise amenities so that anyone spending time on the grounds, rather than river, will still have plenty to do and enjoy with their time in Costa Rica.

Casa Turiri

Casa Turiri is a small, boutique hotel near the Pacuare River that you, your tour group, or family will love. The hotel has the feel of a colonial plantation and a staff of 20 for only 16 rooms. Guests that spend time on the grounds while you kayak will be pampered and cared for.

While you’re out on the river, guests at the hotel can enjoy time in the spa, horseback riding, in the gardens, or at the pool. Casa Turiri also has a first class gourmet restaurant and room service so anyone at the hotel will have wonderful meals while you’re running rapids.


Arenal Springs

Imagine staying in a beautiful, private bungalow with views of Arenal volcano, access to multiple swimming pools, luxury spas, and plenty of play space for kids. This is what you get at Arenal Springs. Large, spacious rooms, gourmet meals, and access to all the activities your fellow travelers can enjoy.

arenal springs grounds


Best Hotel for A Day Off from Kayaking

Your itinerary might give you, or maybe you need, a day off from paddling. We’ve been to some great hotels that have just enough to do that a day off from the river will be fun and give you plenty to do, but you won’t feel like your missing out when you’re back on the water.

Hotel Via Florencia

This hotel has a great mix of beautiful grounds and access to the rivers. At Hotel Via Florencia, you’ll be greeted by Montezuma Oropendola nests hanging from trees at the entrance, comfortable rooms with all the amenities, and plenty of space to relax and recover from a day of kayaking. You can enjoy a day of paddling some of Costa Rica’s best rivers and then enough comfort and luxury to truly rest from the day and prepare for more time on the water.

At Hotel Via Florencia you will have a comfortable, clean room with one or two beds, a tv, and nice bathrooms and showers. There is plenty of connectivity if you want to spend the evening chatting with friends and family at home, share your vacation pictures, or even need to get a little work done. The Hotel Via Florencia is a great option for kayakers in Costa Rica.


Ara Ambigua

Are you ready to dine on some great food while tropical birds sing and flutter within arms length? Ara Ambigua will put you close to some of Costa Rica’s best kayaking and has some incredible amenities. The on-property bird sanctuary draws in tropical birds like you have never seen. You can enjoy the songs and colors while dining on delicious meals any time of day in the spacious restaurant.

Private bungalows provide plenty of room for resting and recovering from a day kayaking, or just relaxing from your everyday cares. There are a number of pools for the family to play in, and tons of wildlife for them to spot. Ara Ambigua is a great mix of nicer accommodations and activities that are perfect for a short stay with a family or group members that aren’t kayaking.


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